First job post is free!

And after that you can opt for below mentioned five plans:

  1. Bronze Plan: 1 Job credit in Rs. 300 only
  2. Silver Plan: 3 Jobs credit in Rs. 855 only (at the rate of Rs. 285 per job i.e. 5% discount)
  3. Gold Plan: 5 Jobs credit in Rs. 1350 only (at the rate of Rs. 270 per job i.e. 10% discount)
  4. Diamond Plan: 10 Jobs credit in Rs. 2550 only (at the rate of Rs. 255 per job i.e. 15% discount)
  5. Platinum Plan: 20 Jobs credit in Rs. 4800 only (at the rate of Rs. 240 per job i.e. 20% discount)

We don’t have any hidden fees or charges applied during the payment process. You pay what you see.